About Us

Sicilian products born from the passion for Sicily and the products of the earth.
Our Mission is to export the Sicilian delicacies in the world, guaranteeing a free platform for small producers, who thanks to the Internet will be able to increase the sales of their products without bearing big costs that would affect the final price.
Sicilian products work for free in the exhibition for the sale of typical Sicilian products. Our activity is characterized by the search and selection of quality products.

All products are made in Sicily.
Sicilian products is aimed at all those who want to eat Sicilian.
Sicilian products collaborates freely with non-profit affiliated Sicilian companies.
The conditions of sale are those of the various manufacturers, this means that they are responsible for shipments, billing and any disputes.
For purchases and supplies, send a request for an estimate of the products of your interest to: info@prodottisiciliani.eu